Work and play: Our picks for the holiday's best tech gifts

​In work and play, do you always give it your best? Then you probably want to give the best gifts, too, right? We've got your covered.

Seriously? A $200 voice-operated trash can? Surprise: It's not garbage This is a $200 trash can. Seriously. But it works, it's well constructed and thought out, and the trash can liners sold by the company fit perfectly. Is it worth two hundred bucks? Only you can answer that.

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift? CNET delivers advice, reviews, and recommendations.

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In work and play, do you always give it your best? Then you probably want to give the best gifts, too, right? We've got your covered: Gifts for co-workers you see every day, for remote workers you never see, or for a boss who has everything. We've collected quirky office gadgets, crazy affordable Amazon deals, and plenty of cool devices to make home office smarter. We've even got a list of tech gifts to avoid.

If you don't see what you want below, check our sister site CNET for more gift ideas.

Here are ZDNet's top choices for technology gifts, gadgets, and accessories over the holiday season.

If you're serious about typing, there's nothing that beats the speed, precision, and sheer joy that comes from using a high quality physical keyboard.

Here are some of our favorite budget-friendly gadgets and gifts for tech enthusiasts.

Apple and Google reveal their 'Best of 2018' apps: Do you agree with their picks?

Fortnite dominates free gaming on the iPad and iPhone.

Gift ideas? Check Mozilla's gadget security, creepiness ratings before you buy

Mozilla's buyers' guide rates the security and privacy of 70 connected things, ranging from toys to smart speakers.

These are some of our top picks for technology and gifts which can make remote working smooth sailing.

From smart hubs to smart coffee machines, these gifts will boost the tech IQ of any home office by making technology work for you.

This is how the three comma club does Christmas...


Practical, strange, and wonderful gifts your favorite geek will actually use

In this selection of interesting and odd devices, you're bound to find something to give (or buy for yourself).

Google Home Hub alternatives you can buy right now

Google added a screen to its latest Home device, making it a so-called "smart display." But it is not the only device of its kind. There are actually a few smart display options to choose from, some of which even come with Google Assistant.

Facebook Portal alternatives you can buy right now

Dislike Facebook? You can still get in on the smart display craze with one of these Portal alternatives.

Here are the very best accessories to help you get the most from your new iPhone.

Just because it's for sale in the Apple Store at a reassuringly high price doesn't mean it's a good deal that that you should buy it. There is no shortage of Apple gear you should avoid buying in the run up to the holidays. If you're thinking of buying any these, you might be better looking at alternatives.

Shopping for co-workers is rough. You don't want to spend a lot, but you also don't want to be a cheapskate. And, hopefully, you want to get something they'll like. To make the holidays less stressful this year, we've done the hard work for you and found the perfect, budget-friendly gifts. You're welcome.

Yes, you can buy a TV with streaming, but internet TV streaming devices are still a great deal. Here are this year's best to consider for your viewing pleasure.

We don't always have access to a fully-equipped toolbox, but with the right multitool in your pocket or on your belt you can always have access to a basic set of hand tools.