Hong Kong launches center to curb cybercrime

Country's cybersecurity center will prevent and detect computer crime by monitoring network traffic, and assist critical infrastructure operators in the event of a cyberattack.

The Hong Kong police has launched a cybersecurity center to boost the country's Internet security capabilities.

The center, manned by 27 police professionals within the ranks of Police Constable and Chief Inspector, will analyze cyberattacks by gathering related intelligence, provide an immediate response to cyberattacks, undertake research and perform security audits, a press statement on Friday noted.

The center which commenced operations on Friday will also support the police force's Technology Crime Division's daily operations in preventing and detecting computer crime, by monitoring the flow of data traffic within major infrastructure systems. This will help strengthen collaboration between the Hong Kong police, government, local and overseas stakeholders when critical infrastructure within the country come under cyberattacks.

"The incidence of cyberattack is increasing. [The] police recognizes the need to respond to the worldwide cyber crime phenomenon, particularly cyberattacks aimed at critical infrastructures, by enhancing our readiness and capability to counter such threats," Tsang Wai-hung, the Commissioner of Hong Kong police, said in the statement.

Hong Kong's Cyber Security Center (Source: Hong Kong Police)


Speaking at the launch event, Chung Siu-yeung, chief superintendent of Hong Kong's commercial crime bureau, emphasied the center will only monitor network data traffic, not its content, according to a report on news.gov.hk.

Operators of major cyberinfrastructure have also been accepting police monitoring and protection voluntarily, while the police evaluate and advise them on the security needed for their information systems, Chung noted.

Hong Kong is no stranger to cyberattacks. Just last month, a Hong Kong hacker was sentenced to nine months in jail for breaking into the country's stock exchange news Web site last year and launching denial-of-service (DoS) attacks on the site.