Hot or not? Tech skills which land you a job in 2014

It's not all about programming, according to LinkedIn.

If you're fresh-faced from college or scouting for a new career path, analysis from recruiters on LinkedIn could help you snap up a new role.

Just before 2015 rears its head and staff might be looking to jump ship, the LinkedIn team has asked what skills are the most sought-after by recruiters, who is getting hired, and why.

The professional social network analyzed the skill sets and experience data in over 330 million LinkedIn member profiles, saying that "If your skills fit one of the categories below, there's a good chance you either started a new job or garnered the interest of a recruiter in the past year."

LinkedIn also took a look at the global market, and if you're part of the STEM set -- science, engineering, math and technology -- you should be good to go. Other useful skills include statistics, data analysis, experience with cloud technology and information retrieval. However, as business goes global, a second language is also highly in demand, according to LinkedIn.

Are your skills going to have recruiters banging down your door? Check the list out below.