Hot slate: Nvidia recalls some Shield tablets due to overheating battery

Some Nvidia Shield tablets could pose a fire hazard and will be replaced free of charge. Here's how to tell if your device has the problem battery.

If you bought an Nvidia Shield tablet anytime after July 14, 2015, it might be part of a voluntary recall.

Nvidia announced the Shield tablet recall on Friday, saying there's risk of a fire hazard due to an overheating battery. All affected Shield tablets will be replaced with new hardware free of charge from the company.

The issue appears to be specific to a particular battery that isn't present in all Shield tablets. To find out if your slate is part of the recall, you'll first need to update the software. Nvidia published the latest update -- version 3.1, which brings Android 5.1.1 to the tablet -- earlier this week.

Once updated, you can check to see if your Shield device has a battery with potential problems. Click Settings, About Tablet, Status to see which battery is used. If the result is B01, you're fine.


A Battery showing type Y01, however, is part of the recall. To start the recall process, tap the Y01 indicator and a recall application will appear on the Shield tablet, providing information that you can enter on this site to start the replacement process.