Houston, heart of the Texas energy industry, strikes 15-year conservation pact

Schneider Electric guaranteeing annual savings of $1.8 million from energy efficiency initiatives

The city of Houston has signed up Schneider Electric to deliver on a $23 million, 15-year contract to improve the energy efficiency of 19 different city facilities.

The project falls under the city's work with the Clinton Climate Initiative's Energy Efficiency Building Retrofit program. It is actually the continuation of the first phase of a project focused on seven different buildings; that project is due to be completed before the summer.

Under the new phase, Schneider Electric will address measures for more than 1,649,000 square feet of facilities including the municipal court, the police headquarters, a water purification plan, and libraries. The work will include everything from installing new building management systems to adding lighting controls and replacing plumbing fixtures.

The deal is actually structured as a performance contract. That means Schneider has to pay the difference if the savings from particular energy conservation measures are less than anticipated.

The impact of Houston's project could reduce its annual carbon dioxide emissions by 5,831 tons, which is the equivalent of taking 1,166 cars off the road.

This post was originally published on Smartplanet.com