How about a little green tech to brighten up your Earth Day?

Although green tech might seem to be an oxymoron, you can have technology that is green compared to standard technology choices. Here's a fun handful of green choices for you.

Happy Earth Day ZDNetters! I hope you're having a good one. This post is for those of you who'd like to take a closer look at some "green" tech. I know mixing green and tech seems odd or even oxymoronic, but it isn't. If you compare so-called green tech with its non-green counterparts, you'll find that green tech devices often use sustainable materials, less toxic materials, recycled materials, solar power, low power, LEDs, or other green alternatives to standard fare.

I'm not always the greenest guy around, but I have become more conscious of my choices in recent years. I recycle. I buy sustainable. I buy recycled. And I look for lower power alternatives to the power-sucking devices of my youth. Mostly because I'm cheap frugal and I don't want to spend the money to allow a device to help heat up my already-too-hot house in the summer time.

These are a few fun green choices that I hope you'll try and then report back to me on your impressions.

Presence: A free app that transforms smart devices into video monitoring systems. With add-on connected products, Presence delivers real-time, whole-home energy monitoring and smart plug control so users can manage electric use remotely, thereby reducing monthly electric bills.

aerelight: The world's first consumer-ready OLED lamp that is powered by a paper-thin, energy-efficient OLED panel that uses 80 percent less energy than a traditional 60W light bulb. There is no need to replace a bulb as the expected lifetime is up to 20 years.

GoalZero's Guide 10 Plus Solar Kit: Provides consumers with a portable charger powered by solar panels to quickly and easily recharge smartphones, MP3 players and more from wherever you are.

Oroeco - Oroeco is an app that tracks your climate impacts by automatically putting a carbon value on everything you buy, what you eat, how you get around and the energy you use at home. The app gives you personalized tips for you how you can save money along with climate and reward you with points, price and deals for taking action to fight climate change

Automatic - Automatic plugs into the diagnostic port of your car and connect the car's computer system to your smartphone to relay data about your car's subsystems like the gas tank and engine. With this data, Automatic can diagnose a problem before it starts eating away at your fuel efficiency or increasing your emissions. Users can save up to 30% on gas by learning to make small changes in driving through real-time audio driving feedback. It also gives you walking directions back to your car among a whole host of other features.

Bolt - The Bolt is the smallest and lightest electric skateboard in the world. It's compact, lightweight, easy to use, and has very low power consumption. There's even a USB port, so you can charge your devices while you are traveling.

Secur Sun Power Bank 4000 - This solar-powered charger is a 4000mAh device that keeps your power-hungry devices powered up for free. You can optionally charge the unit via AC power. A true green choice.

Secur Solar Media Player - If you're looking to go green in a more creative way, the Secur Solar Media Player is a clever way to do it. It's a 2000mAh charger, a protective case, and a set of awesome 3 Watt speakers--all solar-powered. You should listen to Green Day on this thing in celebration of Earth Day. Sorry, it was just too easy.

Give me your list of green devices that you like. Also, if you're a promoter, manufacturer, retailer, or PR representative, I do product reviews on my site.

Special thanks to Lauren Jaeger of Uproar PR for turning me onto some of these products.