How backup saved a Washington lavender farm

After a fire destroyed all of Pelindaba Lavender's office and manufacturing facilities, it was able to reseed the business -- by using the product formulas and operational plans saved with EMC's Mozy service.

Three years ago, a fire raged through Pelindaba Lavender's farm on the San Juan Islands of Washington state, consuming its fully stocked warehouse and destroying its production facilities and office. All the servers storing the company's intellectual property -- including all its product formulas and other back-office information -- also were destroyed.

The good news is that Pelindaba's lavender farms were unscathed.

Once the company's founder Stephen Robins made the decision to start anew, he was able to recover his intellectual property in a matter of days, thanks to an earlier decision to protect and archive all of his company's data frequently using the Mozy service (which offers server backup plans starting at about $14 per month).

"Within one or two weeks, we were fully operational," Robins said.

Mind you, that was back in 2009, when there was far less of a focus on cloud services and their role in small business backup. In Pelindaba's case, that meant restoring its servers from DVDs that were shipped to the company from Mozy rather than trying to reload the images over an Internet connection.

Since that time, the company -- which now has 25 employees and sells about 250 products -- has decided to take another extra precaution to protect its Apple server. Not only is that server backed up to the Mozy cloud service, it is now located an Internet service provider, rather than at the farm -- adding an extra layer of protection.

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