How big data is being used today: Three ways

In this interview with ZDNet, T-Mobile's Christine Twiford explains the three primary ways that she sees big data being used right now.

Three ways big data is being used today: T-Mobile exec

In our panel of big data rock stars for the TechLines program Debunking Big Data on October 4, Christine Twiford from T-Mobile played the role of the pragmatic enterprise executive. T-Mobile doesn't quite have the resources of Ford or NASA or IBM -- who each had a representative on the panel -- but she works for one of America's most important tech providers in one of the most rapidly changing industries on the planet. That means she has to be pretty innovative but she also has to tighly manage resources since T-Mobile operates in the brutally competitive wireless space.

We caught up with Twiford after the panel and she shared some more of her insights. In fact, she had one particular theme that she had hoped to bring up in the panel but time didn't permit so we're sharing it here. In the first 1:14 of the video clip above, Twiford explains the three ways she sees big data being used most often today. They are:

  • Discovery
  • Decision-making
  • Persuasion

In the remaining three minutes of this post-event interview, you can listen as Twiford explains her vision of the future when there's a big data engine as powerful as IBM's Watson in the pocket of the every mobile user. She also has interesting thoughts on the role big data will play in augmented reality and several other areas in the future.