How energy-efficient is your hometown? LA tops EPA's latest list of top U.S. cities

Ranking features seven metropolitan newcomers

Believe it or not, Los Angeles is STILL the U.S. city with more Energy Star-rated buildings than any other. For a city often associated with smoggy summer days, that's a pretty positive turnaround. The new No. 2 is the nation's capital, and Denver, Chicago and New York all climbed up the agency's second annual list.

There were nearly 3,900 commercial buildings blessed with the Energy Star designation in 2009, which the EPA figures means more than $900 million savings in utility bills and a reduction of about 4.7 million metric tons in carbon emissions. There are about 9,000 of these buildings total across the United States. Earning an Energy Star designation doesn't mean these buildings are perfect but it does mean that the building performs in the top 25 percent of similar buildings nationwide when it comes to energy efficiency.

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