How many IP devices do you have at home?

So, how many IP devices do you have? I can’t be the only geek with too many.

This weekend kind of sucked. After putting together the Skype Studio and doing the first few programs, I realized I really should get all the bandwidth I can here into Camp David.

So, I called my local cable company and asked for what they call "Lightning" service. Bandwidth is 40 down, 5 up (and it's really the upload bandwidth I crave). The installer came yesterday (Lightning requires a new cable modem) with a router (I'd specified a bridge) and proceeded to spend the next few hours completely without a clue.

This is a guy who didn't know how to find the command line in Windows, didn't know how to type a parameter to a command line (he thought the minus was separated by a space, followed by the letter) and -- he was the cable installer! -- didn't know how to do a ping, let alone a traceroute.

In any case, after power cycling and banging my router enough, he killed it.

So ran out last night, subjected my wife to Best Buy, and bought a new Cisco/Linksys router. I spent eight hours today going around the house, gathering MAC addresses, assigning IP addresses, etc.

The final total of IP-enabled devices (not addresses, just devices): 34.

But I have to say, after having a nice 5-hour nap on the couch on a Sunday afternoon (yes, I'm training for geezerhood), and waking to homemade enchiladas lovingly crafted by my wife, it hasn't really been that sucky a weekend, after all. In fact, as weekends go, it's been just right.

So, how many do you have? I can’t be the only geek with too many IP devices.


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