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How Mobile is Making Pune Green(er)

There seems to be no end to the list of services mobile can support – including making your city (literally) greener.

Pune is the sixth-largest and fastest-growing city in India. And if you work in IT then you very likely know someone who has worked there – but like me you may never have visited the city.

When managing a fast growing city, you aren’t just managing roads, services and buildings – you are also managing the green spaces. And to do that you need to document what you already have before you can start to manage your green spaces.

If like me you failed to get your Boy Scout Nature Merit Badge, the one of you first challenges you will have is identifying all those trees.

Pune’s metro area is in excess 270 square miles, includes eight (or more) public parks, and as the city of Pune can be traced back to about 847 AD – that’s a lot of trees to be catalogued.

In the video below, you can see how SAP (disclosure my employer) and city of Pune created a mobile app that both plots the location of all those trees, but also works our what type of tree you are looking at.




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