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How Mobile is Transforming the Enterprise: 8 Proof Points (Infographic)

Here's a handy pass-along-able chart that details the state of the art in today's mobile enterprise - and where your organization should be lest you risk falling behind.

It's a busy week in enterprise mobility. There's a new big boy in the US wireless market. CTIA is going full blast in Orlando. And there are other enterprise IT conferences where mobility will be a huge topic of discussion.

All of this surface activity doesn't necessarily mean that enterprises are embracing mobility. Rather, CIOs and other executives rightly demand harder proof that their peers are moving forward (and that they are at risk of falling behind).

Here's an infographic we produced at Sybase documenting some of the more compelling proof points of which IT and other executives need to be cognizant.

Pardon the 'surf the wave' metaphor. It was coined many weeks before the disaster in Japan. The point hopefully remains valid: these are the apps that today's modern enterprise is rolling out, and this is what you need to be doing to remain a leader or simply keep pace with your peers.

(Click on the graphic to view a larger version. Then right-click your mouse in order to download a version that you can then pass along to peers.)

The Wave vector for emailing