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How Mobility is Changing the Enterprise, Industry and World

Mobile technologies have transformed the way we live, work and play—and they’re just getting started. Get a primer on the past and a glimpse into the future from a series of free reports.

If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know that mobile technologies are transforming business, industries, and the world. We do our best to cover these new developments here, but if you’re looking for a great executive-summary-type introduction to the space, check out this series of reports on the state of mobile from Harvard Business Review and sponsored by SAP (my employer).

Here’s an interesting bit from one of the papers:

In 2000, according to the World Bank, there were 700 million mobile subscriptions, 71 percent of them in high-income countries and 29 percent in developing countries. By 2010, there were 5.9 billion mobile subscriptions, 23 percent in high-income countries and 77 percent in developing countries.

Amazing! Mobile is changing how we live and work, from banking the unbanked, to medicine cabinets that can order their own replacement supplies as they run low, to location-based apps to tell you where the nearest ATM or available parking space is.

And really, we’re just getting started. The year that laptop sales surpassed desktop sales for the first time was just five years ago: 2008. Forrester Research has predicted that tablet sales will surpass laptop sales sometime in 2015. Incredible.

Here’s another interesting quote: “Never before in the history of technology has there been such strong development in three key areas: the power of devices, the plethora of back-end information, and the ability to integrate multiple sources of the latter to display on the former.”

There’s just no telling where mobile will take us next. Download your free reports, and see all the videos and infographics here.


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