How NASA is harnessing big data from Mars missions to satellites

NASA's Nicholas Skytland explains how NASA had to build its own big data capabilities and how it's dealing with the enormous data sets from space missions.

From NASA to Ford, what's the business case for big data?

As a pioneer in big data, NASA had to build its own solutions. It's been doing big data for long before it was called "big data." Since it's now planning missions that will produce 24 terabytes of data per day, NASA has some of the biggest of big data challenges.

In this five-minute video clip, NASA's Nicholas Skytland talks about NASA's big data challenges, how NASA is preparing to handle much larger data sets in the future, and how government is a platform for citizens to engage. 

This clip is part of the bonus coverage of ZDNet's Techlines event, "Big Data Debunked – Finding the Data Signals," on October 4, 2012 in New York City.