How one tech company is harnessing cloud computing to reduce carbon emissions

By embracing the cloud, a global company providing power and automation technologies to utilities intends to cut carbon usage more quickly AND cut related costs immediately.

When it comes to press releases about carbon emissions reductions, certain releases get my attention, and other ones get the old delete treatment. This one falls into the former category because it is actually an extension of an agreement that was signed back in 2003, before greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprints and corporate sustainability became such darling topics for business marketing teams.

Here's the deal, IBM and ABB Group, which is a company that provides IT infrastructure and automation services to utilities, have extended an existing 10-year IT sourcing contract to add a cloud computing component that could help reduce its IT energy usage and cut carbon emissions to the tune of 9,000 tons annually. (That translates into taking 1,600 cars off the road.)

I predict that many companies will make the link between cloud computing and green IT this year.

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