How Paris is redefining its suburbs

A massive new development could help redefine how Parisians view the suburbs.

In Paris, the banlieues -- the term for suburbs -- are symbols of poverty and marginalization, not prosperity (with some notable exceptions). But at least one new development in northwest Paris is aiming to alter that perception, The New York Times reports:

In response, the city government has begun an ambitious program of large-scale, mixed-use developments on the periphery. The goals are twofold: creating an engine for economic growth while preserving the Belle Époque Paris beloved by tens of millions of tourists; and integrating the prosperous city with struggling inner-ring suburbs, or banlieues.

The 133-acre project, more than a decade in the making, had its first residents move in last fall. About 3,400 housing units will eventually be available with a mix of affordable housing and market-rate units. There will also be 1.5 million square feet of office space and 334,000 square feet of retail and other services. Two new Metro stations will connect the new neighborhood to the city. It's a truly mixed-use development that could redefine the Parisian view of suburbs.

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Photo: Facebook/Clichy Batignolles

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