How people learn about music they may want to buy

Ages 18-35Ages 36-50Age 51+Hearing a song on the radio, onTV, or in a movie90%85%76%From friends, family members, orco-workers727051Getting copies of songs fromfriends533323Visiting an offline music store433626Going to a concert given by anartist352937Number of cases (allrespondents)148186286Source: Pew Internet Project

Ages 18-35 Ages 36-50 Age 51+
Hearing a song on the radio, on
TV, or in a movie
90% 85% 76%
From friends, family members, or
72 70 51
Getting copies of songs from
53 33 23
Visiting an offline music store 43 36 26
Going to a concert given by an
35 29 37
Number of cases (all
148 186 286
Source: Pew Internet Project