How solar-friendly is your state?

A state-by-state breakdown compares solar-friendly policies across the U.S.

Despite a significant uptick in solar power investments in the U.S. in recent months, some states have been much more friendly to solar-power initiatives than others. While some states provide incentives like tax credits, rebates, and interconnection regulations, others do not. So, in an effort to differentiate, the helpful folks over at SolarPowerRocks have created a ranking of U.S. states in order of solar-power-friendliness (see below).

They also charted out a broader analysis of the rankings, which you can find here. And for more detailed reports on each state's efforts regarding solar power, scroll down on this page.

Surprisingly, California -- which usually leads the pack in many renewable energy issues -- came in only 12th, while Massachusetts, Maryland, and New York took top honors.

Photo: SolarPowerRocks, U.S. Department of Agriculture

via [TreeHugger]

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