How the fashion industry thrives without IP protection

High-IP industries are far smaller than those that have low copyright protection.



In this TED Education video, media maven Johanna Blakeley looks at the effects of intellectual protection on various industries and shows how less protection encourages creativity, innovation, and dollars.

The chart (above) clipped from her TED talk (below) shows the relative size of low-IP industries on the left (food, automobiles, fashion) versus high-IP industries on the right (films, books, music.)

It's a fascinating talk. Let's see what the lessons are for the high-IP industries going forward because their IP has been seriously breached without consequence, thanks to the Internet and web services such as Google's Youtube, which hosts millions of copyrighted films and TV programmes.

To be fair, Ms. Blakeley should provide a chart from 2000 rather than 2007. Maybe we could then compare it with 2007, or better yet 2012, to see if less IP has helped those industries. Maybe Google is an agent of change and dollars for those industries and companies, such as Viacom that claim to have been harmed.



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