How to activate iPad 2 multitasking gestures on the iPad 1

Get the multitasking gestures your iPad 2-owning friends have on your old iPad ... but you have to switch them on!

The iOS 5.0.1 update brings the multitasking gestures found on the iPad 2 to the first-generation iPad 1 ... but only if you switch them on!

To turn on the multitasking gestures click Settings > General and scroll down to Multitasking Gestures and flick the switch.

There are three multitasking gestures, all making use of four of five fingers (is the thumb a finger?):

  • Pinch the screen when in an app to go to the Home screen
  • Swipe up to get to the multitasking bar (this one is the most awkward to get right in my opinion)
  • Swipe left or right to move between apps that are open

I've experimented with these gestures on my first-gen iPad, and while they do take some getting used to, they seem to work just as advertised. Given that, I'm not sure why Apple decided to have them off by default.