How to add a Do Not Disturb function on older Android phones

Don't let your Android device interrupt that important meeting or presentation: This free app adds basic do not disturb controls and has an advanced, paid version.

Tired of your Android phone buzzing and ringing during those office meetings and conference calls? If you have a handset with Android 5.0, or the Lollipop version of Google's mobile software, you're covered: You can manage such interruptions already.

Chances are, you probably don't have Android 5.0, however. As of earlier this month, only 5.4 percent of all Android devices connecting to the Google Play Store were running Lollipop. That means until, and if, you get the Android 5.0 update on your phone, you're going to have manually mute those incoming notifications. Or do you?

Scheduling do not disturb times on a calendar

Enter the aptly named Do Not Disturb app found in the Google Play Store for devices running Android 4.0 or better. As you'd expect, the software does exactly what it's called: Adds a do not disturb function.

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In many ways, the app mimics what iOS users have: A way to manage and set blocks of time for when you don't want your phone or tablet interrupting things. You can use the software to immediately create some quiet time or you can schedule blocks of time for when you don't want to be bothered by audible or vibrating notifications. Even better: Do Not Disturb can work with your Google or Exchange calendars, automatically quieting things down during calendar appointments.

The app also supports a white-list of contacts so that important people -- think family or the boss -- can get through to you at any time. Even in this case, the app is powerful enough for total control: A No Exceptions function will block out everyone in the case of a truly important calendar event, presentation or meeting. Here's a good video overview of the app to give you a complete picture of its capabilities.

Do Not Disturb is free to install and is supported by display ads for the first two weeks of use. After that trial period, the app remains free but some premium features will be lost without a small purchase price of $2.95 for the differently named Silence Premium. That's a bit confusing but it doesn't make the app any less valuable.