How to check gender distribution of Facebook events

Have you ever wondered if there was a quick way to check how many males and females are attending a given Facebook event? This Google Chrome extension does it for you.

Dutch startup Bonnevoy has released a very simple Google Chrome extension called Facebook Event Gender Count. You can download it yourself from the Chrome Web Store and also check out the code for yourself on GitHub.

Although the screenshot above is pretty self-explanatory, the extension does have an official, but rather crude, description:

No more unexpected sausage fests or clam bakes! This Chrome extension tells you how much bros and hoes are attending a Facebook event.

While very simple, the extension still has some bugs. For example, if you aren't using Facebook over HTTPS, it won't work. Every once in a while, the plugin also randomly stops functioning for no apparent reason. Refreshing Facebook a few times seems to kick it back into action.

Bonnevoy is not in the business of Facebook events. Instead, the company is behind a new search engine (currently in beta) aimed specifically at finding you the best holiday deal: it brings together multiple sources on the Internet to help you plan your next trip. Although this doesn't have much to do with Chrome or Facebook (although I'm sure it will be competing with Bing and Google), Bonnevoy is perfectly aware of the advantages in leveraging the fastest-growing browser on the market and the world's most popular social network.

Facebook Event Gender Count was thus created as an experiment and to practice; Bonnevoy knows it will likely develop further Google Chrome extensions and wants to use Facebook to promote its new service. I just so happened to stumble on the company because the extension was relevant to Facebook, and because I use Chrome. If you want to stay up-to-date with the company, you can Like its Facebook Page or follow it on Twitter.

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