How to: Destroy hard drives and make old Android devices 'secure'

2015 recap: Want to know how to eliminate the data off a dead or dying hard drive? What about how to secure old Android devices? These two videos will show you how.

It's the weekend so I thought I'd dig out two of my favorite videos from the archive. Enjoy!

There's well over a billion Android devices currently in use, but when it comes to security it seems that most owners are confused.

What is the best way to keep an Android smartphone or tablet secure from hackers and fraudsters and prevent it from becoming a toxic hellstew of vulnerabilities? Also, what can you do to extend the life of your devices, and what do you do when they've come to the end of their lives?

It's not as difficult as you might think.

And yes Star Wars fans, that is a "limited edition" Motorola DROID R2-D2.

Video: Keeping Android smartphones and tablets secure

Normally when making sure no one can recover the data off of a hard drive you use one of the three traditional approaches (a software eraser, hardware eraser, or make use whole disk encryption). But how do you prevent data from being recovered from dead or dying hard drives?

In this video I show you the method I use, and try a couple of methods I've been told have worked for others in the past. Some of the methods worked, and others weren't so successful.

Hardware 2.0: Destroying hard drives

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