How-to: Get emoticons in iMessage and iOS 5

Dozens of emoticons, right there on the keyboard!

I've been getting quite a few question along the lines of the following in my mailbox over the past few days:

Can I use emoticons in iMessage?

Can I use emoticons in iOS 5?

Yes you can. In fact, iOS 5 on the iPhone and iPad allows you to switch to a keyboard made up entirely of emoticons and allows you to use them all over the place!

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Here's how to activate them.

Click Settings > General > Keyboard

Click International Keyboards then select the Emoji keyboard.

With that done all that remains is for you to switch between the two keyboards. You do this using this button:

Doing that for the first time brings up this notification:

Then you get the keyboard ... and it's pretty cool!

There are a load of emoticons to choose from (click here to see them all). You can use these all over the place, but remember that they'll only display properly on iOS devices, so if you use them in say the Twitter app, only other iOS users will be able to see them properly, so use them with care!


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