Hacking your Apple Watch face goes open source

Open-source code has been released to the web for those who would like to customize their Apple Watch.

A hacker has demonstrated how to tweak and customize the Apple Watch gadget face.

On Twitter, hacker Hamza Sood uploaded and released a video revealing his experiments with the Apple Watch. The footage shows a customized watch face complete with Disney's Mickey Mouse, the option to change slide colors through the gadget's right dial, as well as extra animations and color effects.

Released on GitHub for the open-source community to use and dwell upon, the code uses Dropbox's Carousel application to load the customised code. Supported faces are hardcoded, and so the Carousel application uses the SupportingHooks script to load Apple Watch faces.

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Last month, new market research claimed interest in Apple's wearable may have dwindled, with sales falling up to 90 percent since the Watch's launch in April this year. Research conducted by Slice Intelligence claims that US consumer sales of the watch fell from 200,000 per day during the launch week to approximately 5,000 a week in July.

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