How-to: Hackintosh the HP Mini 1151NR

The HP Mini 1151NR arrived in Verizon Wireless stores in May 2009 for $199.99 (after a $50 mail-in rebate and new two-year data plan).
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The HP Mini 1151NR arrived in Verizon Wireless stores in May 2009 for $199.99 (after a $50 mail-in rebate and new two-year data plan). The CNet review liked its "whisper-thin design and large edge-to-edge keyboard" but not its "total cost of ownership with two-year data contract."

In my hands-on with the 1151NR in May 2009 I liked the convenience of the built-in 3G/EVDO Rev. A card but wasn't wild about the built-in OS: Windows XP Home. Boing Boing’s OS X compatibility chart claims that the HP Mini 1000-series can be hackintoshed albeit without sound support but I didn't have time to do that to mine before the overlords nice folks at VZW wanted their loaner machine back.

However, reader Thomas writes that it is indeed possible to hack said netbook...

The Verizon model is a little quirky to hackintosh, but everything does work including sound output.  Microphone input is the only thing that won't turn on though the drivers say it is on.  There is a complete how-to install OSx86 on the HP Mini guide at myhpmini.com for 10.5.5 which I followed (it includes loopfix.txt and packaged kexts).  The board is down now or I would include a link

The Version 2 - HP MINI OSX 10.5.7 Walkthrough was also helpful.

I haven't checked the SDHC slot but it is enumerated so I assume it works.

The Verizon EVDO module doesn't, but I'm working on it (if I could associate a CDC ACM USB serial, I should have dialing, or if I could find a Verizon Access Manager that uses the same chip...)

Microphone input doesn't work.

Video (3D too, native resolution), speakers, trackpad (not tapping), bluetooth, Wi-Fi, brightness, battery all work. Ethernet is found and enumerated but I didn't try plugging it in.

I mine set up to triple-boot, XP/Ubuntu/Mac OS X.

Including an Apple modem I picked up cheap that may only have working drivers for Apple and works with the hackintosh.

Ethernet is still a question, and I haven't got the Verizon connection working yet but am closer.

I'd also like to see it with a big monitor, but for the HP Minis, the VGA adapter seems to be all but unavailable.  The driver seems to indicate it can do HD resolutions (unlike my Eee).

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