How to hire right

What type of project experience should you look out for when recruiting? Check out these tips for hiring the right person.

Looking for top-notch professionals who can help steer your growing business? With technology playing a bigger role in business, it would be wise to consider candidates who have both strong business acumen and a good understanding of technology.

Technology serves no purpose unless a firm has people who are capable of managing the technology and applications in a way that benefits the business.

What then should business owners look for when they decide to hire technology staff? Consider these:

  1. A business-savvy individual who is able to look at technology and translate into a business benefit or application.
  2. Financial acumen is mandatory
  3. Experience in leading businesses into new challenges
  4. Professionals who have experience in the required technologies. These are usually dependant on the nature of the business.
  5. Technical certification will add credibility especially for roles like chief technology officer/chief information officer
  6. Excellent presentation skills as senior staff are often expected to conduct presentations to shareholders and business stake holders
  7. The individual must have the ability to influence and convince, as well as possess leadership qualities that would be able to lead the team to bigger roles
  8. Ability to manage projects that require change management
  9. The ability to innovate and lead the business into new environments and challenges.
  10. Has the capacity to manage change, as well as projects that will lead to change.

These points serve as a guide and should be adapted according to different business requirements. The business owners also have to decide on the key criteria for hiring-- skills, seniority or experience.

However, to be able to assess an individual based on such qualities is often very tedious and, at times, tricky. The role of the interviewer can be a difficult one, which explains why more small and medium-sized business owners are turning to professional recruiters to hire their key personnel.

In addition to a candidate's experience and qualifications, it is also important to consider his or her attitude towards issues that drive a business.

When recruiting, interviews with potential candidates can be carried out in a formal environment. But when the selected candidate has been identified, the subsequent discussion is best conducted in more relaxed environment like a breakfast or lunch meeting. Some hiring managers choose to conduct the meeting over post-work drinks.

Such meetings would be useful in assessing the individual's interpersonal skills. When in a relaxed environment, a person's ability to conduct a discussion that is not specific to their work and to build rapport when put into a social environment, will be apparent.

In addition to a candidate's experience and qualifications, it is also important to consider his or her attitude towards issues that drive a business. The chemistry and comfort level between the candidate and the hiring manager also plays a critical role in the final selection.

Julie Ong is a consultant at Kelly IT Resources which provides technology recruiting services including executive search, advertised selection, executive contracting and outsourcing, as well as permanent and contract IT staffing. She can be reached at: