How to migrate your old email accounts to Hotmail or Gmail

Leaving school, or starting a new job? Found that your old email will disappear or be deleted? Fear not, graduates. Here's how to safely move your email.

It's that time of year again when colleges are set to close for the summer break, students will be graduating -- as will I -- and these budding new graduates will be hoping to enter the world of work.

I laugh, but surprisingly, many of my student colleagues are lucky enough to have landed themselves their dream job already. Others, however, are burger flipping at the local fast food joint.

What is, however, a pertinent reminder to many, that your college email accounts may undergo a change in the coming weeks and months.

And you may not like either of them.

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Some email accounts become 'alumni accounts', which enable you to receive email but alters your address to reflect these changes. Some colleges may even charge a fee to keep your email account running.

Yet some institutions, most of those which have yet to outsource their emails to the cloud, will bump you off the system altogether and you will lose all of your emails of the past three or four years.

Gallery An in-depth walk-through guide to export your old email account to a brand new shiny one in Hotmail, Gmail or any other email account. Check out the gallery here.

To hold onto your email, thrown together over the weekend is this handy run-through guide for students -- and employees in the big, bad world alike -- to transfer your email to a Hotmail or Gmail account.

In practice, you can move your email anywhere using this guide, and it does not have to be limited to Hotmail or Gmail. As so many students use either Hotmail or Gmail, it seems only fitting to please the masses this time around.

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