How to play Angry Birds on TV, Roku?

Angry Birds is coming to your television via the Roku box but there is no way to play -- yet.

Angry Birds addicts must have heard the news by now that your favorite mobile game will become a channel on the Roku box, which streams online content directly to your television. But what the announcement failed to mention is this: How are people supposed to play this game on a device without touch-based controls or an external mouse/joystick?

While the Roku box does include a remote control, I hardly doubt it would provide enough control to launch the birds at the correct angle to knock out those green pigs. At the moment, the more expensive Roku XDS has a USB port but it is not clear if it recognizes input devices like keyboards or mice.

Surely Roku will be introducing other peripherals to complement its new casual gaming offerings soon. Will it involve motion sensors like the Nintendo Wii's remotes or some firmware update that can transform your smartphone/tablet into a touchpad for the box? (All Roku boxes already have built-in Wi-Fi, after all.)

In the meantime, you'll just have to confine to playing Angry Birds on your phone, tablet or on your Web browser.

[Source: BusinessWire]


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