How-to: rubber bracelet fix for iPhone 4 antennae

Those silly silicone bracelets that people wear on their wrists to support various causes fit perfectly around the iPhone 4 and effectively mitigate the antenna/reception flaw. Who knew?

This one should make you laugh.

Lifehacker figured out that those silly silicone bracelets, (like the yellow, Lance Armstrong "Livestrong" variety) fit almost perfectly around the perimeter of the iPhone 4 and effectively block skin (and coins and keys) from shorting out its novel, if flawed, external antennae.

So while Apple may be fresh out of its ridiculously-priced bumper cases, you probably already have a solution collecting dust in your junk drawer. And it won't cost you a king's ransom.

Now if I could only find something as interesting to do with all the Silly Bands in my house.

Photo: Lifehacker