How to schedule emails in Gmail

Here's how you send an email in the future using Gmail without having to be at your device, or use any third-party services or extensions.

Want to compose an email now but schedule it to be sent in the future? Google is rolling out this as a feature for Gmail.

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The feature comes as Google celebrates Gmail's fifteenth birthday.

The feature is pretty easy to use. If you are accessing Gmail through the browser, after you've composed the email, you click the arrow next to the send button, click Scheduled send and then choose when to have it send.

Gmail scheduled send

Gmail scheduled send


If you are accessing the service through the Gmail app, tap the three stacked dots next to the send arrow, then select Schedule send. Again, a menu will appear that lets you pick when you want the message to be sent.

If you later choose to reschedule the message, you can do that by opening the email and repeating the above steps, or you can choose to delete it.

The "write now, send later" feature is currently being rolled out across the platform to users, so it's possible that you don't yet have this feature. If not, keep an eye open because you'll likely see it appear soon.

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