How to Tell You're a Gadget Addict: the Bag Tree

Spending far too much on gadgets should be enough proof of your addiction to gadgetry, but there's one piece of evidence that you can't ignore, the bag tree.

I am a gadget addict, I freely confess. I like gadgets of all kinds, designed to do all sorts of things. I am convinced when a new gadget is released, no, is even announced, that it will make my life better and meet all of my needs. I try as many of these gadgets as possible, and buy far too many of them. Some of them become useful tools in my work, others make my life more enjoyable. Inevitably they all fall short in some key area, and the quest for the perfect gadget begins anew.

Spending far too much on gadgets should be enough proof of my addiction, but there's one piece of evidence that I can't ignore. The bag tree in the corner of Mobile News Manor, my home office. It used to be a coat tree in a former life, before finding itself sitting in the corner, host to far too many gadget bags. There must be 7 or 8 such bags hanging from the Bag Tree at any given time.

Chasing the perfect gadget is bad enough, but we true addicts carry the quest to its fullest extent. Each gadget must sit in the perfect gadget bag, designed to carry it and the accessories that come with it. A proper bag should be just big enough to carry said gadget and accessories, and not a thing more. The true mobile gadget addict isn't happy carrying any bigger kit than necessary. Longer trips need slightly bigger gadget bags to carry extra gear for the duration. Day trips need simple little bags and nothing more. Over time the collection of gear bags comes to rival the collection of gadgets, and those bags must have somewhere to rest within easy reach, and thus the Bag Tree.

If you find yourself chasing the perfect mobile gadget, rest assured you are not alone. Maybe you're in denial that you're truly addicted to these little devices, and that's OK. But if you have a Bag Tree in your life, it's almost certain you meet the definition of the gadget addict. Don't worry, you're not alone. I'm right there with you.