How to use Google or Google Chrome to view Wikipedia articles during the SOPA blackout

Here are a couple of ways you can access Wikipedia.

The SOPA blackout protest is now under way, but it seems that a lot of you would still like access to Wikipedia during this blackout period (maybe you've left your assignment until the last minute or something!). Is it possible?

Yes it is.

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Here are a couple of ways you can access Wikipedia.

  • Use the Google cache Do your Wikipedia search through Google (for example, 'Wikipedia SOPA'). When the search results come up, find the link to the Wikipedia article then hover over it until a set of arrows pointing to the right appear and then click on the 'cached' link. This is fine for reading a single article, but if you want to click on links within Wikipedia it's no use because you'll hit the blackout wall each time.

  • Disable JavaScript for the Wikipedia site in the Google Chrome browser: - Click the Wrench icon - Click Options - Click Under the Hood - Click Content Settings... under Privacy - Click Manage Exceptions under JavaScript - Type in the Hostname Pattern box - Select Block from the Behavior dropdown box - Enjoy Wikipedia!

That's two ways ... there are more, but they're what I'm using.