How will Wall Street calculate the loss of Steve Jobs?

The loss of Steve Jobs is a blow to Apple, the world's second most valuable corporation. How will stock markets measure that loss?

The wisdom of crowds will be at work Thursday morning in calculating the impact of Steve Jobs' death on Apple.

Apple, as the second largest (in market capitalization) company in the world, next to Exxon Mobil, is bound to take a hit in trading.

At around a $260 billion market capitalization, if Apple loses a billion or two in Thursday trading, what does that say about the value of Steve Jobs?

Can investors quantify the value of the loss of an executive such as Steve Jobs?

Whether we agree with the stock market's reaction to the death of Steve Jobs or not, it is the wisdom of crowds at work. It's very hard to argue with the wisdom of crowds that back up their opinion with real money. You have to pony up if you want to disagree.