HP adds apps to Sprout ecosystem, courts more developers

HP added a series of applications designed for its Sprout PC from the likes of Crayola and others.

Hewlett-Packard on Wednesday announced a series of applications for its Sprout immersive PC in a bid to woo more creative pros as well as children.

Sprout is a PC from HP that aims to meld virtual and physical spaces as well as enable easy 3D printing.

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HP said new applications will include Crayola Color Alive, Ideum Origami Apprentice, Mobile5 SizeUp, Mischief for Sprout, Sprout Stop Motion, Sprout Light Stencil and Sprout Video Capture. The launch of the new applications will occur with HP's Sprout 3D Capture software, which was announced earlier this month.

Meanwhile, HP is working with Crayola to highlight the Sprout PC at its theme park in Easton, PA.

Overall, HP is looking to build out its ecosystem for Sprout because the platform will need applications to woo consumers and enterprises. In addition, developers tend to follow a crowd.

HP has provided a software developer kit for Sprout as well as tools to make it easier to test on regular PCs.

Here's a look a character created with the Crayola Color Alive app.


And an Origami screenshot.


As well as Mischief drawing app.