HP adds two thin client PCs

New remote computing models are low on power, low on space and low on price, HP claims

HP launched two thin client computers this week, which use substantially less power than traditional PCs.

The two models also use significantly less space than standard desktop PCs, and are available at a much lower cost. The t5135 and t5530 thin clients are no bigger than a paperback book, so they can be bolted onto the back of flat-panel monitors.

The t5135 operates in a stateless capability, meaning settings are restored after each session. It is based on a Debian Linux operating system and is priced at $199 (£101). The t5530 is based on Windows CE, costs $299 (£152) and can be used as a master to deploy images to other thin client devices on the network. The new models replace the existing t5125 and t5520 units, and fit alongside the higher end t5720 and t5725.

HP also announced that it is starting to sell its full range of blade PCs across Europe.

HP's thin client

HP's t5135 thin client PC is aimed at companies that want a low-cost, easy-to-use PC suite