HP and AT&T launching Veer 4G on 15 May

The first HP-branded webOS device will be launching on 15 May at AT&T for $99.99.

HP announced the Veer and Pre 3 smartphones in February and according to the official HP Palm blog the HP Veer 4G will be launching for $99.99 on AT&T with a two-year contract on 15 May. This will be the first HP branded webOS device and runs the latest OS on a tiny form factor device.

I haven't seen the HP Veer in person, but heard from several friends that it is extremely small (like a Zoolander phone). The HP Pre 3 looks more attractive to me, but we do not yet know when or where that one will be landing. The 4G label is news and indicates it will support AT&T's HSPA+ network.

webOS smartphones do not even show up in any smartphone market share figures and it will be interesting to see if the HP Veer 4G and HP Pre 3 have any impact on this. I have my doubts, even though the OS is slick, and have a feeling HP will turn its focus to the tablet and desktop space with webOS rather than focusing on smartphones. Any readers looking to pick up this new webOS smartphone?

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