HP bolsters big data strategy with Haven OnDemand

HP says the iteration allows users to tap into key components of the HP Haven Enterprise platform within minutes.


Hewlett-Packard on Tuesday launched a new component to its big data platform Haven.

Where Haven initially focused on bundling HP analytics software, hardware and services into one easy to consume package, the new on-demand iteration allows users to tap into key components of the HP Haven Enterprise platform within minutes, HP says.

The move comes as HP kicks off its Discover conference in Barcelona, with Haven on demand to feature two of HP's existing technologies, Vertica and Idol.

HP says it is embedding Haven's assets more deeply into its software application stack. Haven runs on the HP Helion cloud and combines technologies from various HP acquisitions over the years, such as Autonomy, Vertica, Operations Management and ArcSight, as well as Hadoop.Vertica and HP IDOL are now offered as an on-demand service as well.

Vertica on demand will be available in Q1 2015, with pricing starting at $999 per month.

HP Vertica focuses on the analytics of structured information, such as data stored in rows and fields, while Idol helps businesses sift through unstructured data such as images, tweets, and video feeds, in an attempt to extract meaning and value.

Idol on demand is available now as an early access web service. Idol spawned from HP's $11.1 billion acquisition of Autonomy , which was previously under investigation by the US Department of Justice for allegedly posting fraudulent accounting and misinterpreting its financial performance.

Key customers that have been using the Haven platform include New Zealand's Auckland Transport, which uses the HP Idol to streamline traffic flow, and the Victorian Department of State Development Business and Innovation, which also uses Idol to search and locate internal and external data.

Robert Youngjohns, GM and EVP of HP Software, said the goal with on demand was to make HP's big data stack more accessible and adaptable for customers, partners, and developers. 

"To succeed in today's marketplace, businesses must be able to leverage all forms of data, at high speed and in context, in order to capitalize on emerging opportunities and manage risk and costs," Youngjohns said in a statement.

Matthew Bertram, presales director of software, HP Asia-Pacific and Japan, echoed this, saying the decision to have Haven on demand reflects the company's enterprise IT business' vision around connected intelligence.

"It's about seeing how the value of linking together all parts of IT, and all parts of the business from the data, the resources, the people, and all the technologies, and using that to gain insight that helps deliver new services and new value — particularly around managing IT and the cloud — and being able to do that with a huge amount of data being generated. Connected intelligence is about providing those insights and capabilities into that," he said.

HP's enterprise IT business was formed as a result of the company's recent decision to split the company into two , with one business focusing on enterprise IT, and the other on PCs and printers.

HP also introduced today a new version of HP ArcSight ESM, its security information and event management platform, with updates designed to improve its speed and performance, as well as the new Intelligent Retention and Content Management solution. HP says it brings together StoreAll, ControlPoint, Records Manager and Haven analytics in order to better manage data throughout its lifecycle.

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