HP brings 200 Series, ProBook 400 Series laptops to SMB market

The company looks to appeal to small businesses with better-designed notebooks than their blander predecessors.

The small biz PC market could always use any dollop of sex appeal it can get, and HP looks to deliver just a dollop — and nothing more — with a pair of new SMB laptop lines. These models may not turn heads, but they won't immediately elicit yawns, either.

ProBook 400 Series. Image: HP

The 200 Series is the value-priced offering, starting at just $249, with 14-inch and 15.6-inch varieties available with either AMD or Intel processor options. The 255 G1 is the only one HP currently lists, and spec info is minimal beyond a 15.6-inch display, AMD CPU, and choice of operating system including Windows 8 Pro. All models do feature HP's 3D DriveGuard software, HDMI output, and Altec Lansing speaker.

The ProBook 400 Series is a fuller slate, with models available in 13.3-, 14-, 15.6-, and 17.3-inch sizes, with prices starting at $499. As with the 200 Series, both AMD and Intel processor options are available, and HP has given the lineup some design flair with "Meteorite Grey casing", aluminum accents, and a thinner and lighter build. You also get a hybrid disk drive option that combines a traditional hard drive with some flash storage to speed up booting. Again, only one model has been listed, the 430 G1, with limited spec info.

Both new laptop series will be available later this month. While they won't be setting the world on fire, they do show HP's renewed interest in the PC market that it seemed destined to exit no too long ago.