HP Cloud Object Storage promises 99.95% monthly uptime rate

HP is gearing up to boost its Cloud Object Storage and Cloud Content Delivery Network from public beta mode to general availability soon.

Hewlett-Packard has announced the move from public beta to general availability for two public cloud services: HP Cloud Object Storage and HP Cloud Content Delivery Network, beginning on August 1st.

The announcement comes after HP has concluded it has done enough significant testing and received positive customer feedback on both performance and data durability.

HP will be backing up these cloud solutions with a service level agreement that promises a monthly uptime rate of at least 99.95 percent. If that doesn't happen, HP will offer a service credit.

Gavin Pratt from the HP Cloud Services product management team explained in a blog post that HP engineers "continuously monitor for downtime."

Nevertheless, he stipulated that if a cloud customer doesn't receive 100 percent availability for some reason, HP will credit the bill for the affected service up to 30 percent depending upon the degree of unavailability.

New customers get a $20 credit per month for the first three billing months to try any service or combination of services. Existing HP Cloud accounts must complete a survey to get a coupon code for a $20 credit per month for July, August and September.

When general availability goes into effect, the 50 percent discount for beta customers will also end on August 1 for HP Cloud Object Storage, HP Cloud Object Storage bandwidth, and HP Cloud CDN.  

HP Cloud Compute will remain in public beta mode with a 50 percent discount. HP Cloud Block Storage and HP Cloud Relational Database for My SQL will continue to operate in private beta for free.