HP goes for freemium with Propel IT services cloud portal

Hewlett-Packard is offering free and paid-for versions of its new Propel IT automation cloud platform that's designed to speed up service delivery.

HP says its Propel cloud-based self-service portal will enable IT departments to automate the delivery of apps to end users, cutting costs and increasing efficiency.

The HP Propel product consists of the IT self-service portal itself, a service catalogue, and an exchange that links services to on-demand provisioning systems.

HP is offering a free version of Propel for desktops and mobile devices, which includes a standard service catalogue, the Knowledge Management collaboration product and IT news feeds delivered via RSS.

The paid-for option of HP Propel, unveiled on Tuesday, consists of an enhanced catalogue, advanced authentication methods, including single sign-on, and an extended version of Knowledge Management.

HP says IT departments will also be able to use Propel as a framework for integrating existing on-premise service management systems using the Propel service exchange, which is hosted by HP Enterprise Services.

Propel uses what HP describes as "an open and extensible service exchange" that gives organisations the ability to add catalogues and services according to changing internal demands. It also provides a single point of contact that is designed to speed up the delivery of IT services.

HP is citing E.ON SE as a reference user organisation for Propel. According to HP, the international power and gas company has been able to use the portal to aggregate multiple catalogues containing more than 10,000 items into a single one of 1,000 items.

The result of that reduction has been a 15 percent cut in manual service desk activities and an increase in end-user satisfaction.

The cloud-based portal will be available in the Americas and Europe, Middle East and Africa regions from January. Availability for the Asia, Pacific and Japan region will follow in March. HP has yet to announce pricing.

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