HP improves the ability of customers to drill down into their datacenters

HP looks to a combination of software and consulting services to allow customers to optimize their datacenters

HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping (DDM) tools have been a key part of their infrastructure management and datacenter migration suite, and the latest version is designed to give that detailed view into the ongoing operations of a running datacenter. The DDM Service for Data Center Transformation is designed to allow IT to gather the data necessary to optimize the functionality of their datacenter with detailed analysis of the data it collects.

The service allows for detailed data collection that can be extremely useful to planners in the design stages of their datacenter changes. The data collection is automated and non-intrusive and can be performed with DDM installed in an operational datacenter, allowing the planning process to have the most up-to-date information possible. 

The application can assist in "what-if" analysis and the breakdown of the datacenter operation into ‘move groups" and service maps that reflect how applications and infrastructure interact, the topology issues associated with the functions of the datacenter, and look at the ways to optimize operation and minimize service interruptions. Part of the goal is to codify what HP refers to as "'tribal knowledge"; the details about datacenter operation and interdependencies that are common knowledge top the datacenter operators but not well documented r officially identified.

HP plans to offert his DDM service as part of an adoption of the HP Professional Services for Converged Infrastructures, the HP Software Professional Service consulting group that focuses on this specific set of issues. They believe that the analysis that HP can provide on the data, which with the aid of their professional services can also reflect experiences within the broad experience of many customers, rather than just the single datacenter in question, provides a significant value enhancement to the DDM solution and their Professional Services combination.


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