HP Inc.'s future growth rides on 3D printing inroads

HP Inc. CEO Dion Weisler outlined plans to preserve the core printing business, hold the fort on PCs and drive future revenue growth with 3D printing -- in 2016 and beyond.

As Hewlett-Packard splits into two parts, the one that is focused on PCs and printers is betting much of its future on 3D printing and a product that'll emerge next year.

In presentations to security analysts, HP CEO Dion Weisler outlined a company that will be focused on personal systems, invest in innovation, preserve the printing cash cow, and emerge as a 3D printing leader.

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Relative to the outline provided by HP Enterprise, the core HP that revolves around PCs and printers lacked detail. The company did outline its financial projections, which revolve around saving money on core operations, paying dividends and reinvesting cash into research and development.


The HP Inc. slogans break down like this:


What's notable is that HP is still betting on commercial and enterprise to drive growth. Note how business printing and commercial PCs are driving growth. What remains to be seen is how HP Enterprise and HP Inc. are integrated as a business team.


In a nutshell, HP Inc. is betting on 3D printing to lead growth while holding the fort on traditional PCs and printers. On the PC front, HP executives noted that it will play in the consumer space, but is most interested in commercial for growth.


Want to know the conclusion of this HP Inc. adventure? Stay tuned. Much of the outcome depends on whether HP can compete in the 3D printing market. HP has certainly frozen the 3D printing market to some degree, but has to deliver.


In the meantime, HP really has to preserve the core and that means selling you more printing supplies at home and at work. These two slides capture the tale.

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