HP: It'd be embarrassing to offer BYOD to our staff

Hewlett-Packard is in no rush to offer bring-you-own-device to its employees.

A HP executive has said offering BYOD to the firm's employees would be "embarrassing".

hp wont offer byod embarrassing

In an interview with The Channel, Eric Cador, HP EMEA SVP of the printer and personal systems business, said that although the technology giant offers a number of storage and security options for companies who employ bring your own device (BYOD) policies, it isn't on the cards for HP anytime soon.

Cador said:

"Why? It would be embarrassing -- more importantly it would be embarrassing for our employees. Employees have to be proud of our products."

Embarrassing? Presumably, an employee turning up with a Nexus 7 tablet or the latest iPad would be the cause of ire for management, and would only result in indirect promotion of rival products.

The BYOD trend, now perhaps past its novelty stage, has become a compliance and security nightmare for IT managers worldwide. It may offer increased productivity and flexibility for employees, but once you decentralize corporate networks and documents, security will always be a major concern.

Bringing your own device to work is arguably something younger generation workers are demanding, but now far from the casual occurrence of using your smartphone to take a call or check Facebook at lunch, it is now a grey area that cannot easily be controlled by businesses.

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Why? Once you blur the line between personal and professional lives, you cannot dictate as a business how someone uses their device. If they do not properly secure their tablet or smartphone, how are you to know? If an employee uses an unsecured Wi-Fi network while sipping a coffee at Starbucks, how do you know the sensitive corporate documents they've stored to take home and work on at the weekend haven't been poached?

Whether for good or ill, BYOD is here to stay, simply due to the lowered rate of investment companies have to commit to, while keeping staff mobile and flexible. However, if you are a representative of a company, a balance has to be maintained between productivity and brand representation.