HP launches new cloud-based analytics service

Based on the firm's Big Data analytics platform, HP has launched a new service to make analyzing Big Data less of a headache for enterprises.

Credit: HP

Hewlett Packard has launched a new cloud-based analytics service based on HP's HAVEn Big Data analytics platform.

Announced on Monday, the new service will help clients solve business problems and create new revenue opportunities, according to the firm. By leveraging HP HAVEn, clients can more effectively analyze and derive value from their information, such as increasing sales with targeted client offerings, improving supply chain performance, detecting fraud or discovering security risks more efficiently through the new service.

Dragan Rakovich, chief technologist, Information Management & Analytics of HP Enterprise Services said:

"Harnessing the value of information is a top priority for our clients and a Big Data solution is a significant investment of time and money for any organization, regardless of industry. HP Enterprise Services has leveraged HP HAVEn's unified approach to Big Data to provide a low-risk, simplified and accelerated entry path to addressing key client business problems."

HP's enterprise services include end-to-end solutions for Big Data and analytics covering areas such as customer intelligence, supply chain and operations, and sensor data analysis in industries ranging from technology and retail to travel and transport.

In addition, the HAVEn platform allows customers to test-drive these use cases and their Big Data sets before committing to large capital investments, and can be deployed locally or through cloud computing. The enterprise services cloud platform can apply analytical methods to database content, unstructured data -- such as emails, social media and digital content -- and recognize patterns also based on audio, text and imagery.