HP MagCloud web viewer aimed at SMBs as new marketing tool

HP beefs up the MagCloud digital publication service with a new web viewer, offering more potential for small businesses and self-publishers.


Hewlett-Packard's MagCloud service has added a web-based viewer designed to bring an intuitive and interactive experience to digital publications on both desktop and mobile computers.

Essentially, the portal lets users search, buy and read thousands of publications online through the HP MagCloud self-publishing and distribution web service.

Some of the features added to the web browser portal are standard to any digital publication app these days, such as screen rotation, zooming in and out, full-screen mode and being able to view pages individually or as a spread for easier navigation.

Additionally, users can buy a printed copy or download a PDF version for viewing later.

Andrew Bolwell, chief "MagClouder" at HP, explained in an online Q&A about how the web portal could offer more opportunities to small business owners, in particular:

Yes, the web viewer technology offers hyperlink support, benefiting small business owners by linking from a product in a catalog to a web page to order or advertisements that link directly to advertisers’ web pages, all of which open in a new tab. HP MagCloud will also provide publishers with campaign reporting metrics, including the number of readers, page views and shares.

Bolwell added that SMBs could use the service as a marketing tool by launching the the HP MagCloud web viewer directly from personal or company websites as well as via email blasts and social media.

The web viewer should support all HP MagCloud publications, regardless of format on any desktop or notebook computer running a modern web browser.

HP asserts that this is the first self-publishing service to offer content owners with a choice to distribute content as a single file for free or as paid digital publication via both iPad app and web viewer, in addition to a professional-quality print option.

Screenshot via HP's 367 Addison Avenue blog