HP mouse gets NFC-enabled for easy pairing

The HP Touch to Pair mouse does what it says on the tin, being the first such peripheral to make use of near-field communication technology.

HP has unveiled what it says is the world's first wireless mouse featuring near-field communication, or NFC, technology.

The device is called the HP Touch to Pair mouse, which accurately describes what the addition of NFC is intended to allow. The actual mouse activity will rely on Bluetooth, as is common, but users will be able to pair the mouse with an NFC-equipped tablet or PC using the same contactless technology that powers smart travel and bank cards.

The issue there is that only very recent PCs feature NFC. The technology is more commonly found in Android tablets and smartphones.

HP has not announced UK availability for its new mouse, but in the US it will go on sale in November for $39 (£24).

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