HP: New chief, new era?

Round-up: Incoming CEO Mark Hurd worked wonders in his stint at NCR. Now he has to put that magic into play at a post-Fiorina HP
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HP picks new leader to follow Fiorina
Mark Hurd has accepted the challenge of transforming HP's fortunes, and making it a bigger player in the IT services and software market
Analysts: Hurd unlikely to split HP
The votes are in, and the consensus is that Hurd will keep HP whole - though analysts aren't discounting the possibility of an IBM-like sell-off of the PC division
HP's new CEO gets $5m for signing up
A $2m signing bonus combined with a 'relocation allowance' of nearly $3m all serve to sweeten the deal for Mark Hurd, whose base salary at HP will be a mere $1.4m-a-year

Who is HP's new CEO?
He's not that well known in the industry, but Mark Hurd seems to be a man of varied talents - he's even written a book
Is HP's new CEO the right man for the job?
Analysts are divided on the matter: the ex-NCR chief's record has given some faith, but others are questioning his credentials

Hurd choices at HP
Mark Hurd is much more in HP's style than Fiorina ever was. This may help him make hard decisions that she deferred

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