HP on 2012 focus: Shareholders (nope, not customers)

Customers are the lifeblood of every company. The company that focuses on things other than its customers shouldn't be surprised when they start going away.

A statement by HP CEO Meg Whitman during today's financial conference call drove home why the company seems to be floundering in regards to its direction. During the Q&A session after presenting the numbers, Whitman made this statement that jumped out at me:

"In 2012 we are focused on share price and shareholder value."

Did you see the word "customer" in that focus statement? Nope, and that is why HP seems to lack direction given its recent bizarre decisions. No one is putting the customer first, the source of all of that revenue. The group wanting to believe that HP is taking care of them. The group that can switch to products of another company at the drop of a hat. That is rather telling.