HP ramps up their datacenter design and implementation business with "Trusted Advisors"

HP counts on reputation and services portfolio to become trusted advisors

Back in February HP announced that their Critical Facilities Services division (CFS), born in the acquisition of datacenter consulting firm EYP Mission Critical Facilities, would be offering a start-to-finish datacenter implementation model, allowing customers to use them as a single-source service in everything from datacenter design to primary IT equipment vendor. HP felt that their long experience in enterprise computing, the acquisition of EYP, and the trust and confidence of their customers would give them the credentials and expertise that they needed to be able to implement such a far-reaching business model.

Today this business effort gets a further enhancement with HP's announcement of their Trusted Advisor consulting services. The phrase "trusted advisor" is regularly found in HP promotional materials, and the HP Trusted Advisor program capitalizes on the feeling of confidence that reliable and effective esults and a proven track record can engender in a customer.

The role of the Trusted Advisor is more than just being "the datacenter guy." HP hopes that this consultancy will be able to deliver the expertise to evaluated the customers entire business model and put it in the context of current and future datacenter technologies that will best serve the customer's needs. And, of course, within the context of the HP Converged Infrastructure view of the datacenter.

Launch customer Steel Orca, LLC CEO, David Crocker stated that they choose to go with the HP Trusted Advisor program for a very basic, and incredibly hard to argue with reason; " they met our market needs."  With Steel Orca in the process of turning a former heavy industry site into a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly, turn-key datacenter facility, another attraction of the HP program, according to Mr. Crocker, was the access it would give them to the research, development and intellectual property that HP invests heavily in to solve a broad range of green datacenter issues. At Steel Orca, HP, via their Trusted Advisor program,  is now in charge of the design of the datacenter and will oversee the building and the commissioning of the facility.